Thursday, 10 February 2011


Are you into films ??, do you know what different types of movies there are??? Try this link for a start:

Now that you 've already got an idea ,would you like to "direct " a short movie???

First of all, better have a look at this tutorial to see how you could become a short animation "director" while answering the questions on the whiteboard

It sounds easy, doesn't it. If you think you won't be able to do it, click on this link below to see what an English teacher , who is illiterate as to computers, created

or even what some of your classmates did last course.

Are you ready to have a try??

Load this site and get started. Follow the instructions to create your own short movie ( Remember the tutorial you have just watched)

Once you finish , send it to . Don't forget to sign your creation.

To be done at home and sent off before Easter holidays to
(it's not compulsory, do it if you fancy the idea)

Task 1 Have a look at this tutorial about zimmer twins

Task 2 Now it's your turn to create a cartoon with

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